• Engine Sales-including CFM’s, V2500’s, CF’s, PW’s, JT’s
  • Engine Parts Sales-EirTrade has an experienced sales team with a diverse network which enables them to maximise value.
  • Sourcing of Aircraft, Engines and Engine parts-Diverse network allows us to locate product for investors.
  • Consignment/Harvesting Project- EirTrade will take ownership of the process from teardown to repair and finally to sales and marketing.  Visibility will be provided to the owners through regular reports.
  • Technical Services –Focus on engine shop visit technical management & Back to Birth traceability.  EirTrade firmly believes that the key to a successful sale lies in traceability.  We will assist our customers in providing proactive solutions.
  • Engine Stand Leasing / Provisioning-EirTrade has a stock of engine stands available for lease/sale