17 March 2024
Vice President – Sales

“Paul’s dedication to strategic supply chain management has consistently delivered positive outcomes and strengthened industry partnerships. His focus on expanding EirTrade’s global presence, while leveraging our sales, technical and asset management teams, will spearhead our growth objective,” comments Ken Fitzgibbon, CEO.

Dublin, January 29th 2024: EirTrade Aviation, the global aviation asset trading and material management company headquartered in Dublin, today announced the promotion of Paul Gleeson to Chief Commercial Officer. He has been with the Company since 2020 and has over a decade of experience in supply chain roles within the MRO heavy maintenance sector.

As Chief Commercial Officer, Gleeson will be tasked with expanding EirTrade’s industry footprint and market reach, improving satisfaction and service delivery for EirTrade’s customers, and optimising global operations. This new role symbolises EirTrade’s commitment to hiring top talent and broadening its market influence. As the team expands, EirTrade aims to meet the evolving demands of commercial aviation, ensuring sustained growth and delivering profitable results for all stakeholders.

“EirTrade’s core strength lies in our commitment to creating comprehensive solutions to the aviation industry. With a vast stock of high-demand material, the Company stands as an essential partner for the commercial sector,” says Gleeson.

“Supply chain challenges are at the forefront of industry concerns and our expertise will prove instrumental in navigating these challenges, particularly in accessing USM (used serviceable material), as our team augment EirTrade’s pool stock of rotable components to benefit airline customers worldwide. As EirTrade continues its growth trajectory, my focus is on driving this momentum, to underpin the expansion of our capabilities and identify competitive advantages.”

Gleeson goes on to comment that EirTrade’s recent investment by Acorn Growth Companies marks a significant milestone, representing increased support and resources. “This affiliation fortifies EirTrade’s market position, enabling the Company to continue expanding and strengthening its relationships with its customer base. The backing of Acorn stands as a testament to EirTrade’s potential for sustained growth and success in the aviation solutions domain.”

Regarding the appointment, Chief Executive Officer, Ken Fitzgibbon remarks that Gleeson has been a leader since day one. “Paul has successfully navigated various supply chain challenges, showcasing his ability to drive efficient operations and ensure customer satisfaction. His dedication to strategic supply chain management has consistently delivered positive outcomes and strengthened partnerships. As he embraces this new role, he will focus on expanding EirTrade’s global presence while enhancing the customer experience. By leveraging EirTrade’s sales, technical and asset management teams, he will optimise the supply chain process, ensuring seamless operations and superior service.”