12 February 2024
Technical Manager - QAM

EirTrade Aviation Quality Manager, Jim Maguinness, gives crucial insights on USM sourcing and quality assurance in the latest issue of AviTrader.

Discussing the topical issue of safety when sourcing USM, Maguinness emphasises the importance of ensuring suppliers follow procedures, have the right certifications, as well as the critical role back-to-birth tracing plays in the process.

He reassures, “EirTrade provides a live report to customers which provides full transparency of the components removed from the aircraft at any point in time during the disassembly process.  We also comply with the ASA-100, TAC2000, and other systems that are based on the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) AC-0056, which establishes a voluntary industry distributor programme.”

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Article courtesy of AviTrader.